Communications and PR is directly linked to your company’s business performance. Therefore, we base our strategies on intelligent analysis, creativity and excellent execution. Within PR, we help to increase a company's awareness, visibility and credibility among the public and decisive stakeholders. We do this in order to build valuable brands, to increase profitability and growth and to create healthy relationships between clients, investors, politicians, and the community.

We’ve created an agile, time-saving and inclusive strategy process for B2B and B2C businesses alike through our access to over 8,000 media outlets of high repute, actively involving key leaders and employees in the process. We facilitate business strategy as well as CSR strategy processes from stakeholder involvement to focus area selection and measurement of success. We also help companies in the commercialisation of CSR.



When crisis hits, minutes matter. Dotmount Communications works hand-in-glove with our clients to assess the situation and then suggest a fast-response strategy and appropriate tactics to retrieve control of the client’s narrative. As bipartisan communications lobbyists, Dotmount Communications will:

  • Handle media and publicity for election campaigns
  • Delete negative media articles permanently
  • Craft online messages that resonate with key audiences.
  • Improve online positioning through search engine optimization.
  • Conduct online petition drives.
  • Provide detailed analytics to demonstrate what our work has actually accomplished
  • Advise clients on the advantages of earned versus sponsored online media.
  • Execute campaigns that result in Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and YouTube views.
  • Help create and manage paid media campaigns.
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    No public relations campaign is complete without a digital component. Dotmount Communications offers the full range from websites to social media campaigns as bipartisan digital communications lobbyists. We produce every variation of online and social media content: videos, photographs, email newsletters, podcasts and informational graphics — the bumper stickers of our time. We reach exactly who you want when you want to reach them — through careful targeting.

    We create sharp online ads and alter them in real-time, depending on who’s clicking. Along the way, we provide a dashboard of the results with precise metrics. The guessing game over who’s listening is over. We design — and deliver — with full transparency. That’s the beauty and power of online communications.



    Message development starts with research. What is the client saying and is it working? What parts of a client’s message are resonating and which are not? Dotmount Communications ’s research and analytics team creates a baseline evaluation of a client’s message. Is the language persuasive? Are the right listeners being reached? Are there better battles to be chosen? Does it seem like there’s integrity in the ideas? Tactics are important and clients have more tactics available to them today than ever before. We make them work for you.

    Reach out today to schedule a free consultation with a public relations professional at Dotmount Communications. We can help you create a plan to improve a sudden disaster that may greatly risk the success and perception of your brand. We can help you protect the reputation that you have worked so hard to build for yourself. Call us at Dotmount Communications today.