14 Ways to Make (or Break) Relationships with Journalists
Feb 25, 2022

SCOTT NEAL – Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

“Aside getting a cover feature on Pleasures magazine, our latest Gulfstream G700 was published in over 200 premium media platforms that were strategic to our target markets. Additionally, the campaign Ad was aired on CNN, which really showcased their abilities along with their relationships to create a dynamic branding/marketing campaign. As you can see their approach is very holistic, which we found is key to a successful campaign. Again, we couldn't be happier with our experience”.

The Top ESG Trends for PR Pros to Know From February
Feb 28, 2022

NAYLA AL KHAJA - First female films p roducer from the UAE

““I had the pleasure of working with Dotmount Communications. The connections they made and doors they opened w ere, and continue to be, highly valuable to me and my career. They are really doing great work in the UAE and I am looking forward to working with them again very soon. They truly are the best in the world–and that’s not easy!!”

Media Moves at Marie Claire, MSNBC & ProPublica, Politico Adds to Healthcare Team
Feb 25, 2022

Attorney David Schwartz Attorney

“I have used Dotmount Communications for various projects over the years and I can say they over deliver, every single time! They know the nuances of media and understand how to get the job done without all the nonsense you get from many other firms. I highly recommend this firm if you need to crank your message out. they are very attentive and easy to work with!” .

Newsworthy Reasons to Write a Press Release: Part 2: Employee News
Feb 24, 2022

DR REMI DUYILE, Former Vice Bank of America

““Thanks to the efforts of The Dotmount Communications team, my foundation got the necessary media exposure to set up for future success.. The team was straightforward with their communication and delivered exactly what they promised.”

SEO for Bloggers: A Beginner’s Guide to Meta Tags
Feb 24, 2022

LESLIE HORN, Three Squared, Inc.

“Dotmount Communications has helped position us as a global leader in building with shipping containers. In the first 60 days of working with them, they secured placements for us with ABC News, Associated Press, USA Today, and a Yahoo article with 2,200 comments, we saw a 2,000% increase in website traffic, 5+ business inquiries per day, $300,000,000 in potential projects brought to us, additional investment capital, and we leveraged the exposure to attract the attention and talent of the likes of Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, widely thought to be the most influential architect of the 20th century.”
Media Moves at The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic & Fortune, Vulture Hires Managing Editor
Feb 18, 2022

John Grady

“Along with boxing legend Gerry Cooney, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Dotmount Communications on the promotion of our book. Mr.Olaoluwa’s indefatigable efforts resulted in far more PR opportunities than we could ever have imagined. Olaoluwa’s was extremely responsive to emails (even on weekends), connected us with some of the top names in the industry, etc. – and did so with class, enthusiasm, and vigor. It has been an honor working with Olaoluwa, and we encourage anyone in need of expert PR guidance to contact his agency immediately.”

7 Lifestyle News Sites By and For the Black Community
Feb 17, 2022

MIKE REGINA, Partner Big Sky Big Sky Enterprises.

“We were published in multiple magazines and other publications that were strategic to our target markets. Additionally, we were interviewed on CNBC, which really showcased their abilities along with their relationships to create a dynamic branding/marketing campaign. We received professional public speaking training which has really helped us with providing a clear, concise and powerful message to our target audience. They designed our websites and provided the content necessary to have consistent brand messaging. As you can see their approach is very holistic, which we found is key to a successful campaign. Again, we couldn’t be happier with our experience.”

The PR Tools Dotmount Communications Customers Love Most (and Why)
Feb 14, 2022

Matt Sapaula / Financial Adviser.

“I’ve been working with Dotmount Communications since 2018 and NO ONE compares in the industry. They are my FIRST and ONLY choice. High value, high relationship, high trust is Dotmount Communications!”

32 Writing Prompts to Reignite Your Love for Writing
Feb 10, 2022

Trial Attorney Byron Browne

“Dotmount Communications delivery was on point, highly impressive. They sought out and obtained great opportunities for me. Professional and very good communication.” .

2022 Predictions for PR and Marketing:Dotmount Communications Leaders Discuss Current and Future Trends
Feb 08, 2022

Enez Paganuzzi Planning Manager at WNBC-TV

“Dotmount Communications is a reliable and efficient PR firm. They think ahead of the curve, always tries to localize news stories and are creative with topics. They are a good contact or mind…and one I would suggest to others in need of a resource.” .

Media Moves at Vox, PCMag & The Information, ABC 7 Chicago Names Two Assistant News Directors
Feb 04, 2022

Wendy Diamond / Animal Fair Magazine Founder & Founder at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

“Adedotun Olaoluwa and Dotmount Communications are two angels in the media world! Persistent with always a sense of humor in this dog eat dog world! Grateful for their support in our many efforts over the years in creating a positive impact in the world of animals!”

This Month's Top ESG Trends for PR Pros to Know
Feb 03, 2022


How are public relations and investor relations talking about ESG? We rounded up the biggest takeaways of the month.“As a strategic partner I would describe Dotmount Communications as having a team of savants. Their expertise in executive branding & strategy is superb. I often marvel at their understanding of brand penetration. And their application is often flawless. They are the LeBron James of branding: smart, polished, and thorough. He keeps me on my toes and there is no one I’d rather call when I need a question answered or an expert viewpoint. (Imagine Kobe calling LeBron!) Being in the same industry, I often run across competitors who have no idea what they are doing. Dotmount Communication is just the opposite. Dotmount Communication is your favorite brand manager’s brand manager. If I were a Fortune 100 CEO or a talent with a major brand, they could represent me in a heartbeat. are that good.”

Newsworthy Reasons to Write a Press Release: Part 1: Company Growth
Jan 31, 2022

OMAR TYREE, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“There are people who create business, people who secure business, and people who maintain business. In my nine years with Dotmount Communications, I’m happy to say that they have provided all three. It’s been one of the best decisions in my life to join them in their mission to provide the most opportunities and business management for respected clients. Dotmount Communicationst is well worth the investment.” .

Media Moves at Reader’s Digest, The Atlantic & CBS Newspath, Quartz Hires Lead Reporter for ‘How We Spend’
Jan 28, 2022

Nick Hillary (Wrongly Accused of Murder)

“This morning I stood at the precipice of either spending life in prison or finally going home to my family. Dotmount Communications is a big reason why I’m going home to my family.” .

2022 Sports Calendar: Plan Your Content Ahead of Time
Jan 27, 2022

Judith Regan / Publishing Legend

“Powerful, connected, brilliant, dedicated, generous, and always gentlemanly. I can’t say enough about the effective PR and marketing genius of Dotmount Communications. Bravo and thank you for everything!” .